I'm retiring

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Fri May 7 20:42:27 BST 2010

On 05/07/2010 01:53 PM, Gour wrote:
> John>  I know a lot of you like and use OfflineIMAP.  I'm glad of that;
> John>  it's satisfying to have something I wrote out of an annoyance
> John>  with mail readers find more broad use.
> Thank you so much for giving us OfflineIMAP.

Thanks.  I appreciate hearing that, truly.

> Although we're sorry that you're leaving, we are happy knowing we'll
> continue using your (Haskell) software. :-)


> John>  Thoughts?
> Just curious, which mailer made OfflineIMAP obsolete for your usage?

It was Thunderbird 3.  Tweak one setting in the advanced configuration 
editor and it pretty much does what OfflineIMAP does, by default, and 
pretty well.  It has crashed on me (segfault) a few times when coming 
back online, but hasn't lost mail as a result.  I can live with that.

-- John

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