Offlineimap is dead, long live offlineimap?

Jim Pryor lists+offlineimap at
Mon May 17 13:38:57 BST 2010

I've contributed to offlineimap (signalling code), but I don't have the
time to take any larger role.

I'm curious why you ask this:

> 2. Should we move on to another (compiled) language to make maintenance
> easier?

Just for brainstorming purposes?

I'm slowly moving away from Python myself, after using it for more than
ten years. But its mindshare is getting bigger every year, and it has
some of the widest-deployed, most-actively-developed set of libraries
around. Did you have something in mind as promising easier maintenance?

Sure there are issues with Python: not all of its libraries are
threadsafe, it still has a Global Interpreter Lock (though whether
that's any bottleneck for offlineimap I don't know, probably not),
John has said neither the built-in imaplib nor are great,
the codebase probably needs updating to compile on both python2.x and

But I don't know why we should expect maintenance to be easier with another
high-level languages; with the ones I prefer working with these days
(Lua, Scheme, Haskell), the library situation tends to be worse, not

Jim Pryor
profjim at

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