maxage only works for flags?

Ron ronr at
Mon Nov 15 14:15:55 GMT 2010

> The maxage must be set in the account section - not in the repository
> section.  Perhaps you could include that section of your .offlineimaprc
> file?
> You can do an IMAP sync between two imap servers - the definition of
> local and remote is rather arbitrary.  Offlineimap simply maps the
> message IDs from the remote to the local.
> Maxage works by doing an IMAP search no the remote server - so one needs
> to be sure that the remote server supports IMAP searches - which almost
> all do.

Thanks for the reply Mike.

Here's the config I'm using now. I switched it to IMAP->IMAP and tried if from
both sides and it runs. Previously, I was doing IMAP->Maildir from my home
machine only, thus the commented out lines. I just switched [Repository
Remote]/[Repository Local] to run it from my office machine.   

In any case the maxage is ignored. I thought maybe "age" was being determined in
someway I didn't understand so I tried maxsize to see if that worked and it also
was ignored.

Both machines are recent Ubuntu 10/64bit installs. 

I'd really like to figure this out as OfflineIMAP would be great if I can get it
to ignore old/large email.


# pythonfile = ~/
accounts = notices2home
ui = Noninteractive.Basic

[Account notices2home]
localrepository = Local
remoterepository = Remote
# autorefresh = 1
# quick = 5
maxsize = 20000
maxage = 3

[Repository Remote]
type = IMAP
ssl = no
# localfolders = ~/Maildir/
remotehost =
remoteuser = notices
remotepass = pass

[Repository Local]
# nametrans = imap_nametrans_qqx
type = IMAP
ssl = no
remotehost =
remoteuser = notices
remotepass = pass

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