maxage only works for flags?

Mike Dawson mike at
Mon Nov 15 08:11:05 GMT 2010

Dear Ron,

The maxage must be set in the account section - not in the repository
section.  Perhaps you could include that section of your .offlineimaprc

You can do an IMAP sync between two imap servers - the definition of
local and remote is rather arbitrary.  Offlineimap simply maps the
message IDs from the remote to the local.

Maxage works by doing an IMAP search no the remote server - so one needs
to be sure that the remote server supports IMAP searches - which almost
all do.



On Mon, 2010-11-15 at 00:57 +0000, Ron wrote:
> I've used imapsync with --maxage 2 before and it does exactly as expected. With
> offlineimap, all messages are downloaded in spite of maxage being set to 2 days.
> I have tons of email in several mailboxes I don't want to download. 
> I did notice that if I used rsync first to get all messages, maxage seemed to
> prevent flags from getting changed on messages older than maxage. 
> What am I doing wrong. 
> Also, is offlineimap only designed to be run from the local side? I tried
> running it from the remote side but couldn't get it to work no matter how I
> changed .offlineimaprc around. 
> Thanks
> Ron
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