Current users with gmail?

Ng Oon-Ee ngoonee at
Wed Oct 20 01:55:06 BST 2010

So I've sent two users a relatively large email (almost 10 MB, one mp3
and one wma attachment).

What interests me is that when I left my university and went home (to
the slower connection) my offlineimap download speeds jumped to 40+kb
(yes, I'm in the boondocks) and the same emails which caused 100% CPU
hangs in my university downloaded fine.

I believe based on that that the issue is with flaky connections which
get cut off after too long. I believe my university may be implementing
some traffic shaping, actually.

I suppose the proper test case would be to download a large email then
disconnect while downloading it. The next time I have a large attachment
I'll try that. If the same thing happens then the bug is with
offlineimap's graceful failure (or lack thereoff).

Cheers, especially to Thomas Kahle and Rupert Swarbrick who agreed to
test this.

Ng Oon-Ee

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