Current users with gmail?

Thomas Kahle tom111 at
Wed Oct 20 07:36:52 BST 2010


On 08:55 Wed 20 Oct     , Ng Oon-Ee wrote:
> So I've sent two users a relatively large email (almost 10 MB, one mp3
> and one wma attachment).

I found the email in my mailbox this morning, no issues.  I guess
everything went just fine.  A bit about my setup: I'm on python 2.6.
I'm running offlineimap through a cron job that tests for an internet
connection and other instances of offlineimap an then checks the last
running time.  If the last running time is less than 30 Minutes ago it
will do a full sync, otherwise just inboxes.  When running the full sync
CPU consumption does go up to 100% for 2-3 seconds, but I never
challanged this.  I'm syncing 50.000 mails on 4 servers.

> I suppose the proper test case would be to download a large email then
> disconnect while downloading it. The next time I have a large attachment
> I'll try that. If the same thing happens then the bug is with
> offlineimap's graceful failure (or lack thereoff).

I did not try the disconnecting, some more planning would need to go
into this.


Thomas Kahle
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