[RELEASE DRAFT] Going on v6.3.3

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Thu Apr 21 17:34:04 BST 2011

Yes, I know just released -rc3.  Looking at how we go, I guess we can
make this last cycle short. We may release this week-end or during the
coming week. Here is my draft for the new release NOTES. It's

  Make this last candidate cycle short. It looks like we don't need more tests as
  most issues were raised and solved in the second round. Also, we have huge work
  to merge big and expected features into OfflineIMAP.

  Thanks to all contributors, again. With such a contribution rate, we can release
  stable faster. I hope it will be confirmed in the longer run!

Thomas Kahle (1):
      Adding an entry to offlineimap.conf that explain how to use python code to query for a password.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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