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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed Apr 27 09:36:29 BST 2011

I like to provide up-to-date documentation for developers. The sphinx
system can extract documentation from source code and automatically
create documentation. But it also allows to organize and add stuff
manually. sphinx is what is being used to create the main python
documentation and is used for many packages.

Following are 2 patches that add the beginning of a developer api
documentation for offlineimap. If you want to see how the output looks
like, I uploaded the generated documentation to:

This still needs changes and additions and reorganizations but the
foundations are laid. In the long run, we could even include the FAQ and
manual pages into that system (if we want to).

You need to have python-sphinx installed and can then create the
documentation with "make dev-doc" while being in the "docs" folder. The
resulting documentation will be in "dev-doc/html".

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