autorefresh sync hangs after laptop suspend

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed Apr 27 11:03:10 BST 2011

On Wed, 27 Apr 2011 09:29:34 +0100, Patrick Totzke <patricktotzke at> wrote:
> finally! I was able to document an error that kept on bugging me.

Nice :-). Or rather not (that we have an error in the first place).

> It seems that with "autorefresh = 1" set, offlineimap's next sync
> after I awoke my netbook from suspend stalls.
> Attached is the (std)output of the running instance:
> There are a few peculiarities there:
>  1 the first round of syncs (two accounts) seems ok


>  2 from around line 60 on, the "UoE" account is not synced anymore.

Your UoE account is set to:
holdconnectionopen = yes

This means we will keep existing connections, even after a sync
failed. I guess we are waiting endlessly for some reply. The
 patch that I just sent, will help to drop connections when a sync fails
(although i don't see exceptions related to the UoE account in your
> For problem 2, it might be that there are some race conditions with my postsynchook "notmuch new"
> but on the other hand, thats usually quite fast:

I am using notmuch new in my postsync hook just fine. (although I
usually don't run it in a refresh loop but invoke it from cron)

>  3 around line 300, there is a stacktrace that results from a connection loss due to hibernation
>    (repeats 3x)
>  4 afterwards sync seems to work for 2 cyles, although only for the one account still syncing

> As with 4 and 5, I'm completely baffled.

It might be that we also here continue to keep connections that are dead
already (after a sync), and the patch that I sent might help to reduce
the 3x error to a 1x error (which is to be expected, but should output a
nicer error message in any case).

>  5 the last sync stalls.

GMail syncs stalling is something that I also see and that I would
considere a different (but nonetheless important) bug for now.
> I'll attach my ~/.offlineimaprc (only address lines obstructed).

Thanks, that was useful
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