Bad sent syncing

Kai Hendry hendry at
Thu Apr 28 12:13:23 BST 2011

Hi there,

hendry at deb02 ~$ offlineimap --version

Thanks for doing offlineimap. I've used it on and off for years,
though recently I've been running into syncing issues with my
employer's chosen email provider:

In my .muttrc I have `set record=!` so it saves my sent mail in the
inbox, just how I like it.

However the problem is when IMAP syncing I seem to get my sent mails
duplicated. I don't know whether to blame offlineimap or

The real problem is offlineimap from time to time chokes and falls
over trying to sync the (sent) emails. The remedy for me is to:

0) Delete the offending sent mail from my inbox in mutt
1) Log into
2) Delete the offending sent mail from my inbox
3) Kill offlineimap
4) Run offlineimap

Another work around I could do which I hate, is to comment out `set
record=!`, so it saves to the sent folder. Don't like this, but it
seems to avoid the issue.

Is it possible to make offlineimap just retrieve the mails and not
push the mails back up? I think this pushing the mails back up to
themessagecenter is the real issue I would like to avoid.

Kind regards,

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