Please help crash: null byte in argument for long()

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Fri Apr 8 13:00:37 BST 2011

On Thu, 07 Apr 2011 21:19:11 -0500, Rob Browning <rlb at> wrote:
> As far as I know SQLite itself doesn't handle ECC, but it does go to
> some lengths to protect your data:
> Of course it's still not going to protect you against a bad hardware,
> inopportune power failure, etc.

Right, but our plain text dbs get written to temporary files
first and then moved over to their final place too, so that kind of
corruption shouldn't happen either (without hardware failure). But it
obviously did...

I'm glad offlineimap has so much potential for improvements (under the
hood), or I couldn't spam you with so many patches ;-).

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