unexpected keyword argument 'timeout'

dtk d.t.k at gmx.de
Tue Apr 12 21:28:26 BST 2011

Excerpts from Ethan Glasser-Camp's message of Tue Apr 12 13:01:26 +0200 2011:
> > but with that modification, the first call in the last try block in the
> > constructor of IMAP4 that seems to fetch the IMAP server's greeting doesn't
> > return.
> OK, I bit the bullet and set up a tunnel configuration on my machine.  
> The good news is that I found the problem -- by default the input/output 
> pipes on the tunnel are blocking on reads.  The fix is a little hacky.  
> Please see attached.
> This seems to work for me
Dude! Sweet!! You fixed it! \o/

> ; with your blessing, I'll munge all these 
> patches into one commit and try to get them merged.
bless \@tunnel_patches, 'Patches';

> I have no idea whether this will work with compression enabled.
Neither have I. And since I have no idea of the workings of IMAP compression
(is it negotiated with the server based on its capabilities?), I wouldn't know
how to test it (nor do I control $my IMAP server should it have to be enabled).

Thanks for the great support!

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