"Stalls" in v6.3.3 - memory leak?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Tue Apr 26 08:49:17 BST 2011

On Mon, 25 Apr 2011 21:48:49 -0700, Nick Kirsch <nick at kirsch.org> wrote:
> I'm running offlineimap v6.3.3 and it appears to stall (which looks like malloc issues). I'm syncing from Exchange IMAP to a Dovecot IMAP server and I've noticed that the memory usage spikes to over 370 MB resident and over 540 MB virtual. I need to repeatedly kill python and restart it in order to make it through my mailbox set.
> This does not occur with the stock offlineimap included with the distribution (6.2.0)
> This is with Python 2.6.4 on Ubuntu 10. 
> Any suggestions? Any thing you'd like me to try?

One thing that would be good is to collect a debug log with "-d imap -l
debug.log" and (after purging it from sensitive passwords/email bodies), making it
available either publically or privately (e.g. to me or Nicolas, the
current maintainer), so we can see what is going on during those
"stalls". Also if you can connect via "sudo strace -p
<pidnumberofprocess>" to see what offlineimap is doing during those
stalls that would be helping.

We have been replacing the "heart" imaplib (which is pretty unmaintained
and raw compared to other python libraries), with imaplib2, and that
might well have introduced some instabilities.

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