Test suite ?

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Mon Aug 8 15:20:34 BST 2011


I'm thinking about making test suite. I even wrote proof of concept IMAP
server which has no logic but can be scripted.

But first, what and how should be tested?

I can see three parts - IMAP, Maildir and state directory

 - simple socket server
 - scripted scenarios
 - single threaded only
 - should we check order of commands sent? Or should it be rather state
   machine (find corresponding output to a given input)? Strictly
   ordered commands means tighter checks, but does OfflineIMAP always
   send commands in the same order?

 - file names contain random strings, so before comparing to known good
   state first sanity them?
 - the mails themselves can contain random X-OfflineIMAP header. That
   can be sanitized too.
 - compare list of files
 - compare their contents

State directory
 - no research done yet

Anyone had thoughts about test suite?

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