Syncing G-Mail

Markus Beck Erlach markusbeckerlach at
Mon Aug 29 09:55:55 BST 2011

Hello everybody!

I am quite a newbie on e-mailing on linux system but after a lot of reading
I found myself quite happy with the offlineimap/G-Mail/mutt appraoch.

I have to say that the .offlineimaprc is really well documented. I set up
my GMail repository and the mbnames for mutt (although I do not know what
this option really does:-)). Now I was happy that everything seems to work fine.
My Maildir folder was populated correctly with my GMail account. So syncing
GMAIL -> Maildir does work.

Now to my problem. After some time I discovered that when deleting a mail
in mutt and syncing with offlineimap the messages will not be deleted on the GMail
account. I also tried offlineimap -1 which seems to help some people with GMail accounts
but for me syncinc Maildir -> GMail doesn't seem to work.


Kind regards,

Markus Beck Erlach
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