[PATCH 4/4] Another way of locating UID of just saved message

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Tue Aug 9 09:05:57 BST 2011

> > It works by fetching all headers from new messages from IMAP server an searching
> > for our X-OfflineIMAP marker by using reular expression.
> > +    def savemessage_fetchheaders(self, imapobj, headername, headervalue):
> > +        """ We fetch all new mail headers and search for the right
> > +        X-OfflineImap line by hand. The response from the server has form:
> Uhh, ahh, this looks like the most hacky solution that I've ever seen
> :-). But given that this is the fallback only when:
> 1) No UIDPLUS extension is there and 
> 2) Regular search failed,

Yes, I think we understand each other now. My IMAP server satisfies both
conditions, so this patch is supposed to avoid local delete and

> I have no strong objections. It would be good to have noted in the code
> documentation that this is the last-resort-fallback, but I won't object
> to this patch :)

I'll do it.


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