Locally created mailboxes not synchronized to IMAP

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Tue Aug 9 09:07:55 BST 2011

Hi Vladimir, some comments from my side.

1) It would be great to split out white space changes and functional
changes into separate patches, as it makes reviewing the patches much
harder. (OK, enough nitpicking :-))

2) The [statusfolder] thingie is a remnant from the past when it was
supposedly planned to sync to several repositories simultanously, but
it's indeed unused and I have a patch queued that does away with it.

3) Creating (and deleteing) new folders on both sides would be trivial if it were not
for 2 things: folderfilters and nametrans. Both make things more
complicated. E.g. folderfilters will simply ignore some filters so they
appear to offlineimap as if they were not there. E.g. I often do quick
sync only syncing my INBOX using "offlineimap -f INBOX". In this case,
your patch would attempt to delete all my local folders except INBOX as
they appear to be deleted on my remote IMAP. Ahh, no you only deal with
creating right? That could work, but you see the potential

nametrans is the tougher one. It is 1-way fudging of names and as you
remark you would need a corresponding "nametrans" setting on the local
repository that reverses names exactly. Given the difficulties of
setting up correct nametrans rules (often including horrible regexes),
it will be *very* difficult to find the exact reverse functions. I would
be more comfortable to have something like this after we introduce a
"--dryrun" option that allows to see what offlineimap would do when it
would actually be run.

For now I would be happy to have patches that enable folder creation
only when nametrans is not being used.

Glad to see you sending patches for more functionality. I am holding my
15 feature branches back, as I am waiting for us to release the next
version before sending more intrusive things :).

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