Locally created mailboxes not synchronized to IMAP

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Thu Aug 4 20:17:26 BST 2011

> VM> I found that if I create local mailbox, it is not replicated on
> VM> IMAP.  Other direction works fine. I was playing with it yesterday
> VM> afternoon and I finally made it working. But it's not completely
> VM> trivial fix, so as usual I might have overlooked something. I am
> VM> attaching the diff I have, just to have some chance for
> VM> comments. It's doing several things
> I once (under John's reign) investigated why this was not done, as it
> sounds rather natural. In terms of syncing, indeed things go quite
> smoothy. But the main obstacle John (IIRC) mentioned was abount the
> nametrans() function. The thing is, for a given mailbox, local and
> remote names might differ, and we know how to turn remote name into
> local name, using nametrans(). So a new remote mailbox is not a
> problem. But when a new local mb is created, it is sometimes nontrivial
> what name to give it remotely ...

Ah, I even didn't know there is something like nametrans. That indeed is
not 1:1 mapping.

> Probably something like reverse_nametrans is needed in the config file
> for this to work reliably. Or at least, activate it only if nametrans is
> not set, maybe ?

Good points. If there will be reverse_nametrans, we can pass given
folder name through nametrans and then by reverse_nametrans to make sure
we got back to initial name. Bail out when nametrans is used sounds like
a good start.


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