[PATCH 2/3] Maildir relative paths change was not complete

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Wed Aug 17 15:04:03 BST 2011

On Wed, 17 Aug 2011 14:38:41 +0200, Vladimir Marek <Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM> wrote:
> > P.S. Cool that you are actually using a test suite. Can you tell how to
> > use it and where to get it? Do you have a separate repo for that?
> I have six test cases so far, but the infrastructure should be quite
> ready. I have it as a branch in my local repo, I do not know how to
> publish it. I can send tar.gz of the directory to list, but I guess
> that's too old-fashioned :)
> Anyway I would like to finish some documentation and comments first to
> make it shiny. Also I still haven't read the thread Nicolas pointed me
> to ...

It would make sense (and Nicolas said something to that effect too), to
have a separate git repository containing the test stuff. This way we
can always use the latest test suite and run it easily on older versions
of offlineimap too.

If you simply push it as a separate git repository, we can always filter
and/or merge it with the main repository later if we decide it should be
in one.

Yes, a test suite is what is really missing so far. I had one that was
too low-level for Nicolas, and Ethan had one that was not generic
enough. Any that makes it and is useful would be great!!!

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