[PATCH 2/3] Maildir relative paths change was not complete

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Wed Aug 17 18:27:52 BST 2011

> It would make sense (and Nicolas said something to that effect too), to
> have a separate git repository containing the test stuff. This way we
> can always use the latest test suite and run it easily on older versions
> of offlineimap too.
> If you simply push it as a separate git repository, we can always filter
> and/or merge it with the main repository later if we decide it should be
> in one.

I could use some hint here, how do I push anything as a separate git
repository? Create new project on github?

> Yes, a test suite is what is really missing so far. I had one that was
> too low-level for Nicolas, and Ethan had one that was not generic
> enough. Any that makes it and is useful would be great!!!

Well, we'll see how Nicolas will like what I did. And I expect troubles
since I ... ehm ... wrote it ... ehm ... in ... perl and shell :) But
anyone knowing python well can rewrite it easily into python I think
(the perl code is 200+ lines)

Also it is not yet suitable for imap<->imap and maildir<->maildir
testing, but that's just a matter of improving the shell script
executing everything.


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