Sync courier-imap to cyrus imap, creates many X-OfflineIMAP headers

Vincent Beffara vbeffara at
Wed Aug 17 17:26:09 BST 2011


cc> 1) I'm getting X-OfflineIMAP headers on a sync between a Dovecot
cc> IMAP remote server (don't have version number at hand) and Cyrus
cc> IMAP v2.3.16 (very recent).  Aren't these servers supposed to
cc> support UID's ??  I shouldn't be even getting X-OfflineIMAP headers,
cc> right?

Dovecot (as of version 2.0.x) does support UIDPLUS, which is what's
needed here, *but* it doesn't advertise it by default before login, so
we don't know that it does ... Quite easy to patch the source to make it
work but I'm not sure if the capability_banner variable can be modified
via a config file.

Cyrus should work, my config is exactly the same as yours with a patched
dovecot server.



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