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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Thu Aug 25 08:10:27 BST 2011

On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 07:49:23 -0800, Dave Abrahams wrote:
> I didn't know there was an sqlite backend.  Do I want to use it?

It is still described as EXPERIMENTAL, however I use it exclusively and
it works quite well for me. I announced the branch with these words:

The reason for using sqlite is that we currently rewrite the
(potentially some MB large) LocalStatus cache for every modification
that we perform. By default we first write to a tmp file, call fsync,
move to final location and call fsync again. For every change. This
hurts when someone has very large maildirs.

Having plaintext status caches have advantages, eg in manual parsing and
backup, an sqlite db involves way less writes. And as we will write out
the full status file for every darn flag change on evey mail, syncs can
involve LOTS of disk activity just for that. Switching to the sqlite
backend is quite painless if you have a recently synced account, it will
import your plaintext status cache (and leave the old one around in case
you ever want to go back).

I plan to sent a patch in this cycle, asking Nicolas to not mark it

> --info (without -a) seems to make offlineimap hang for me; `q' in the
> blinkenlights UI appears to try to quit but then... doesn't.  And
> Control-C doesn't stop it either; I had to use kill.

mmh, interesting I had never tried it in the blinkenlights UI. Just did
and it output the server information and config information just fine,
but when it exited it left some curses crap on the terminal.

Can you try with the --info -u tty and see if it too hangs? If yes, I
would love to have a debug log so I can see where it hangs (as it
doesn't here).

You can also use the -a "accountname" --info to step through the accounts and
see which one makes it hang. Not reacting to ctrl-c sounds like you hang
somewhere in the imaplib2 code (which often doesn't react to ctrl-c :-().

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