bug: 'str' object is not callable

Dave Abrahams dave at boostpro.com
Thu Aug 25 16:31:15 BST 2011

on Wed Aug 24 2011, Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian-AT-SSpaeth.de> wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 07:49:23 -0800, Dave Abrahams wrote:
>> I didn't know there was an sqlite backend.  Do I want to use it?
> It is still described as EXPERIMENTAL, however I use it exclusively and
> it works quite well for me. I announced the branch with these words:
> The reason for using sqlite is that we currently rewrite the
> (potentially some MB large) LocalStatus cache for every modification
> that we perform. By default we first write to a tmp file, call fsync,
> move to final location and call fsync again. For every change. This
> hurts when someone has very large maildirs.

That sounds like me!

> Having plaintext status caches have advantages, eg in manual parsing and
> backup, an sqlite db involves way less writes. And as we will write out
> the full status file for every darn flag change on evey mail, syncs can
> involve LOTS of disk activity just for that. Switching to the sqlite
> backend is quite painless if you have a recently synced account, it will
> import your plaintext status cache (and leave the old one around in case
> you ever want to go back).

So, just turn it on?  There must be a config variable, right?

> I plan to sent a patch in this cycle, asking Nicolas to not mark it
> experimental.
>> --info (without -a) seems to make offlineimap hang for me; `q' in the
>> blinkenlights UI appears to try to quit but then... doesn't.  And
>> Control-C doesn't stop it either; I had to use kill.
> mmh, interesting I had never tried it in the blinkenlights UI. Just did
> and it output the server information and config information just fine,
> but when it exited it left some curses crap on the terminal.
> Can you try with the --info -u tty and see if it too hangs? If yes, I
> would love to have a debug log so I can see where it hangs (as it
> doesn't here).

  offlineimap --info -u tty -l ~/Library/Logs/offlineimap.log 

hangs basically right away for me, having shown no activity other than
announcement that it's connecting to imap.gmail.com.  There's nothing in
~/Library/Logs/offlineimap.log, but that's no surprise: I never see any
log output until I've quit because offlineimap doesn't flush to the log.

> You can also use the -a "accountname" --info to step through the accounts and
> see which one makes it hang. Not reacting to ctrl-c sounds like you hang
> somewhere in the imaplib2 code (which often doesn't react to ctrl-c
> :-().

  offlineimap -a BoostPro --info -u tty -l ~/Library/Logs/offlineimap.log 


  offlineimap -1 -a BoostPro --info -u tty -l ~/Library/Logs/offlineimap.log 

both seem to exhibit this hanging behavior.

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing

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