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Markus Beck Erlach markusbeckerlach at
Mon Aug 29 17:27:11 BST 2011

> Now to my problem. After some time I discovered that when deleting a mail
> in mutt and syncing with offlineimap the messages will not be deleted on the GMail
> account. I also tried offlineimap -1 which seems to help some people with GMail accounts
> but for me syncinc Maildir -> GMail doesn't seem to work.

>>In order to move over a mail into your "Trash" folder which is the only
>>real way to delete something in Gmail you need to specify the
>>"realdelete" option and set it true. Also depending on your localization
>>you might have to give the
>># trashfolder = [Google Mail]/Papierkorb
>>option to show OfflineImap the location of your Trash folder (we should
>>be able to detect this on the fly... but we currently don't).

Ok, this is just an edit to my previous post. The solution to my problem was
quite simple. The coded remotehost in the GMail remote repository is As I think for Britain and Germany the e-mail address is
due to copyright issues. But does also work because mails are redirected.
As I understand correctly both imap servers point to the same IP but it has been
suggested by some forum posts that changing the imap server from to does help.

So I changed my .offlinerc accordingly to and ... IT WORKS.


Kind regards,

Markus Beck Erlach

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