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Markus Beck Erlach markusbeckerlach at
Mon Aug 29 17:02:20 BST 2011

> Now to my problem. After some time I discovered that when deleting a mail
> in mutt and syncing with offlineimap the messages will not be deleted on the GMail
> account. I also tried offlineimap -1 which seems to help some people with GMail accounts
> but for me syncinc Maildir -> GMail doesn't seem to work.

>>In order to move over a mail into your "Trash" folder which is the only
>>real way to delete something in Gmail you need to specify the
>>"realdelete" option and set it true. Also depending on your localization
>>you might have to give the
>># trashfolder = [Google Mail]/Papierkorb
>>option to show OfflineImap the location of your Trash folder (we should
>>be able to detect this on the fly... but we currently don't).

Thanks for the fast reply.

The problem is that I have set these values correctly and deleting
does not work at all. To check if there is any syncing from Maildir -> GMail
I deleted my whole Maildir folder and synced again with offlineimap. To
my surprise I found again all the messages from my GMail account. Even
the unread tag hasn't been changed, so I assume there had not been any
syncing of my Maildir folder. I doublechecked my settings in my .offlineimaprc
and my .muttrc but did not find something wrong.

As a next step I will try to avoid the pre-configured GMail repository and to set up
the remote repository manually. This will help me toSebastian become more familiar with the
whole "e-mail thing".

But any help of course is very appreciated!


Kind regards,

Markus Beck Erlach

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