ANNOUNCE bugfix release offlineimap v6.4.2

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Dec 1 16:33:38 GMT 2011

OfflineIMAP v6.4.2 (2011-12-01)

OfflineImap is your python-based IMAP/Maildir synchronization tool of
choice since 2002. (see

6.4.2 is a bugfix release that fixes two flaws that regressed in
or since 6.4.0, and an upgrade is recommended if you are on 6.4.0.

Get the source
As interim deputy maintainer, the code is currently hosted on my github

Grab the official tarball from
the gpg signature of that file is at

Alternatively grab:
or fetch tag "v6.4.2" from git://

The latest release (plus eventual hotfixes) can also always be found in
the 'master' branch.

Changelog since 6.4.1

* IMAP<->IMAP sync with a readonly local IMAP repository failed with a
  rather mysterious "TypeError: expected a character buffer object"
  error. Fix this my retrieving the list of folders early enough even
  for readonly repositories.

* Fix regression from 6.4.0. When using local Maildirs with "/" as a
  folder separator, all folder names would get a trailing slash
  appended, which is plain wrong.

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