inbox label not removed when saving to a gmail folder

Hans Lambermont hans at
Tue Dec 6 10:25:54 GMT 2011

Sebastian wrote on 2011-12-01:
> Hans wrote on 20111123:
>> How to remove the inbox label when saving to another folder ?
> Gmail is a weird thing and other are better qualified to comment on
> that. If you save a message to a different folder, it merely adds that
> "tag" to the message, so a mail in gmail happily exists in multiple
> folders at the same time...

Yes, what I see is this: in the MUA (mutt) I save a mail to a folder
(basic Maildir), this works as expected (the mail is no longer in the
Inbox and sits in the folder), then offlineimap (I use 6.3.3-3ubuntu1)
syncs with Gmail. On the Maildir side I see no changes (good) but on
Gmail's web interface I see the mail in the Trash folder with 3 labels :
Inbox, Trash and the folder I saved to.

This is unwanted of course, the Inbox and Trash label should not be set
to the mail. If left uncorrected the mail gets even deleted entirely in
Gmail after 30 days.

As a workaround I remove the Trash label in the Gmail web interface on
the mail. It then 'gets moved' to the Inbox. (If I now run offlineimap
again the mail is back in my Maildir Inbox too, unwanted or course.) I
then go to the Inbox in the Gmail web interface and either remove the
Inbox label, or select the mail and click 'archive'. Running offlineimap
after all this results in no action which is OK; on both offlineimap
sides the mail sits in 1 folder, no action is required.

The workaround is awkward but still *a lot* faster for me than using
only the Gmail web interface. Still it'd be nice if the workaround was
not needed. Any ideas on how to get there ?

-- Hans

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