[PATCH 0/13] Re: Reintegrate imaplib2 and IDLE, again

Ethan Glasser-Camp glasse at cs.rpi.edu
Mon Feb 7 19:28:13 GMT 2011

On 02/07/2011 07:43 AM, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> I agree that this should go into some mainline branch soon. But I would
> propose to merge the APPENDUID branch and release that one as a proper
> release first. It fixes the mangling of emails in many cases and the
> handing of the wrong date to the mail server in nearly all cases.
> If we release that and integrate the IDLE branch than, it will be easier
> to find out which branch is responsible for breaking things and it would
> be easier to revert the IDLE branch if it were responsible for breaking
> things.

I agree. I don't care too much about when IDLE hits master, I just want 
to know that if I get super busy again for a few months, it won't get 
forgotten :)


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