[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v6.3.2-rc3 released

sebastian at sspaeth.de sebastian at sspaeth.de
Tue Feb 8 21:52:39 GMT 2011

> I probably caused this bug myself by deleting the message file, but
> anyway - offlineimap is far from being stable.

No, the bug is not yours, it is mine, and the patch I just sent should be
applied to fix it. I missed some imports which should have been removed.

As for stability, offlineimap was somewhat stable for several years as
there have been few changes to the code since basically 2005 :-). We just
picked up development again under new management, so I am not surprised
things are breaking a bit here and there, so far. On the other hand, we
have already detected and fixed a bunch of bugs that have lingered in the
codebase forever. I do hope we'll get it to be really stable again very

> I have about 7 accounts
> and want them to be always syncronized. IMO the errors should be
> logged, but the sync should continue. It's not acceptable when a
> single faulty message breaks the whole sync.

Depends. *I* rather want to be notified of a essage which failed to sync
properly as I rely on syncing to work. If it simply continues with 6 other
accounts, the failure would be so buried in the log that I would likely
never discover that offlineimap failed to sync properly. So *I* prefer the
"break immediately" mode, but then I only sync 1 account.
Reading the archive backlogs, this has been an often complained thing in
the past few *years* though.


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