Git release notes

Philipp Haselwarter philipp.haselwarter at
Wed Jan 12 09:13:28 GMT 2011

I just cloned from github because the latest binary package for my
distro is v6.2.0, and I felt a bit lost:
- there's no INSTALL file
- no NEWS
- no ChangeLog
- no Git-release-notes
- UPGRADING got its last update "Date:   Sat Apr 16 20:33:35 2005 +0100"

So I don't have the slightest idea of what changed and if any
incompatibilities got introduced. If my config will still work, or if
everything's going to break or just burst in flames.

How will that be handled when there's a tagged release? Will you go
through all the commit messages and make a changelog from that? Sounds
painful to me..

Please don't be sloppy with these things. In the light of the discussion
on splitting the list between users and devs, I think it should be clear
that there *are* some users out there who do not read every mail on the
list and who don't feel like digging through the git log.


Philipp Haselwarter

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