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Thomas Kahle tomka at gentoo.org
Mon Jan 10 20:41:30 GMT 2011

On 10:34 Mon 10 Jan     , Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> On Sun, 9 Jan 2011 20:23:11 +0100, Thomas Kahle <tomka at gentoo.org> wrote:
> > First off: I have 'inherited' the patch from other Gentoo maintainers
> > before me.  Second, I don't have MacOS to do any experiments with this,
> > but from reading the post I think I understand that on MacOS there is a
> > 'CoreFramework' that needs to be loaded before the threads using it are
> > started.  If I understand this correctly this is independent of the fact
> > that offlineimap uses python and can be reproduced in C.
> Oh, I am not blaming you for fixing bugs, or inheriting patches....  
> I just want to understand what a patch does when I don't get it. I see
> how we might be needing to initialize something on Mac if its broken,
> but then we should have something in the code commenting on what it does
> and why it is in there. Otherwise someone in a few years will say, "oh
> we import everything from locale but we never use it, so lets remove
> it".
> Also, we should be able to import something more specific rather than
> "*" polluting our default namespace. Importing * would give us functions
> such as normalize(), format(), format_string() in our default namespace.
> It would also override str() and other stuff that could well lead to
> unexpected behavior.

I completely agree.  There must be a sane way that other python projects
using threading have gone...  Somebody should find out.


> > I agree that importing everything from locale is a hack, only used to
> > make MacOS load the CoreFramework before threading.  Somebody who knows
> > more about the internals of MacOS could provide a patch how to properly
> > ensure that this thing is loaded before offlineimap starts to fork
> > threads.
> I would prefer that, but then that is just my personal opinion and
> doesn't represent the views of the offlineimap project :-).
> Sebastian

Thomas Kahle
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