Splitting the lists?

Philippe LeCavalier support at plecavalier.com
Wed Jan 12 19:25:28 GMT 2011

On Wed, 2011-01-12 at 19:38 +0100, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> [ Please, don't use HTML format in your mails. ]
Sorry. Never been asked not to. I'll abstain from doing so in the

> If someone feels buried, it's really easy for him to send a reminder
> request.
I always thought it was frowned upon to "bump" posts?
> >                            Shouldn't this type of chatter be better
> >    documented
> Sure, it should. I would certainly merge patches going that way after
> the new (coming) documentation approved and merged. I'm still doing this
> work off of the community for now.
> >    / more appropriate in a bug tracking system anyway? Pardon my ignorance
> >    here -I'm getting pretty far off my comfort zone as I don't know much
> >    about the process of coding especially the communication thereof...
> I'm open to discussions as far as it's constructive. I don't want a bug
> tracking tool for some reasons:
>   - email is widely used and everybody know how to use it ;
>   - setting up a wiki/bug tracker/etc ask time while we have more
>     important things to improve, for now ;
>   - send patches, review patches, etc is much easier with emails
>     (remember, user issues might issue to patches) ;
>   - emails are safer and don't rely to one server ;
>   - emails history is not lost (think about migrations, etc).
Makes complete sense.

'nough said.


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