Git release notes

Philipp Haselwarter philipp.haselwarter at
Wed Jan 12 22:25:42 GMT 2011

I know how to read the git log, but that really was not my point.
Maintaining some kind of user-readable changelog is good practice, and
sooner or later the project should start doing it. Rather sooner than
later though; I don't think anyone will want to go back through history
to write up the changes just for this purpose.
So do yourselves a favour and don't procrastinate.

I might have been too vague about the actual _content_:
This should be the user-relevant changes.
I.e. the parts of the black-box that I have to deal with when I update
to a new version. Like a config option that isn't valid anymore. Or a
new feature getting introduced.
And there's no need to duplicate documentation efforts (which have to be
made for new/obsolete features anyways) here, its just about drawing the
end user's attention to it. Then he can go look it up in the manual.
Internals are well-enough dealt with in the git log, agreed.

So please simply add a line to some file for changes the user has to be
aware of.

(oh and there's no need to Cc me, I get the mail on the list)

Philipp Haselwarter

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