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Hi Sebastian,

Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at> writes:

> On Wed, 12 Jan 2011 23:25:42 +0100, Philipp Haselwarter <philipp.haselwarter at> wrote:
>> So do yourselves a favour and don't procrastinate.
> Hi there, I am sure you don't mean it this way, but your tone comes
> across as rather condescending (more than motivating or inspiring.

All my apologies if I came across rude. What I was trying to say is that
IMO this is an important aspect that will sooner or later have to be
taken care of and it's not going to get more fun if it happens later.

> I believe that Nicolas is doing a great job as a maintainer of
> offlineimap and if you look at the announcement emails that he sent
> for each single release (summarized below for your comfort) you can
> see that he did describe all high-level changes.

I completely agree with you, and this is exactly why I was so surprised
to find that no one simply copied the contents of the release-notes
emails into a release-notes file.

> offlineimap was in non-maintainer hiatus for a few years(!) and active
> development was only taken up again at the beginning of December last
> year. If you believe you could have done a better job you had a few
> years to pick it up.
> While you have valid points that should be addressed I don't think there
> is lots of value in trying to teach people that have volunteered because
> no one else did for a few years.
> Again, I am sure you don't mean it the way, but I have become a bit
> sensitive over the years when people who just join try to tell us how to
> do our unpaid job properly.
> Sebastian

I'm glad Nicolas took over project leadership and thankful for any dev
that contributes to the project, for offlineimap as for any other piece
of well-working open source software that I use on a daily basis.
The suggestions I made were, from my point of view, in the devs best
interest. If someone disagrees, hooray, that's no problem, this is
freedom land, we can all have our opinions :)
Again, sorry for those who felt offended..

> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: [ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v6.3.0 released
> To: offlineimap-project at
> Cc: Nicolas Sebrecht <nicolas.s-dev at>
> OfflineIMAP v6.3.0 is out.
> This release is more "administrative" than anything else and mainly
> marks the change of the maintainer. New workflow and policy for
> developers come in.
> Since the previous release one bug fixes patch was applied and merged by
> John:
> * fix terminal display on exit
> * netrc password authentication
> * user name querying from netrc
> BTW, I don't think I'll maintain debian/changelog. At least, not in the
> debian way.
> Most users and maintainers may rather want to skip this release.
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> OfflineIMAP v6.3.2-rc1 released
> The most interesting change is a primitive implementation of SSL
> certificates check. The issue was reported back from debian where it was
> raised. The version includes:
>   * fix reading password from UI
>   * use OptionParser instead of getopts
>   * code cleanups
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> OfflineIMAP v6.3.1 released
> OfflineIMAP v6.3.1 is out.
> Yes, I know I've just annouced the v6.3.0 in the same week. As said, it
> was not really a true release for the software. This last release
> includes fixes and improvements it might be nice to update to.
>   * Fix possible overflow while working with Exchange
>   * Fix time sleep while exiting threads
>   * UI output formating enhanced
>   * Some code cleanups
> cProfile becomes the default profiler. Sebastian Spaeth did refactoring
> to prepare to the coming unit test suites.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>> I might have been too vague about the actual _content_:
>> This should be the user-relevant changes.
> See above for a description of changes, and so far there have been no
> visible changes but the ssl configuration. Should we have given an
> example of how to configure it? Yes we should. But then, Nicolas is
> currently working at updating our user documentation and changes the
> docs is a bit useless until that conversion is finished....

As stated above, aggregating these release mails in the git repo would
already be quite helpful.
Thanks for summing them up here!

> Sebastian
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as for SSL: right now I'm getting a
--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
Establishing connection to my.srv:993.
WARNING: Error occured attempting to sync account offlineimap_gmx: SSL
Certificate host name mismatch: no certificate received
Next sync in 2:00
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
When I connect with % openssl s_client -connect my.srv:993 I definitely
see a certificate getting issues at the beginning :\

Philipp Haselwarter

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