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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Sun Jan 23 17:11:42 GMT 2011

On Fri, 21 Jan 2011 23:17:18 +0100, Nicolas Sebrecht <nicolas.s-dev at> wrote:
> > Can we revisit Sebastian's offer to grab and use
> > I guess firstly, Sebastian, does the offer still stand?

Sure :).

I mentioned previously. Would it make sense to
join any such umbrella that could hold the domain name officially? Or is
that overkill really? (note that there exist many such umbrellas and I
don't favor a specific one). Alternatively, if people trust me, I can
just keep it and provide the domain name and/or webspace.

> > 		c)limitations/costs, ownership...etc.
> > 		limits) If the throughput stays under a certain amount I don't care
> > about *any* form of compensation. That said, I'm freakin poor. So if the
> > throughput is in excess of what is included in my plan would need some
> > form of compensation.

Well, I don't think, we will be needing terabytes of traffic. Especially
given that I expect the code to remain on github and the mailing list
archive to remain at alioth (or any other hoster), but this basic
infrastructure stuff is nothing that we should be doing ourselves.

What we *can* do, is provide a central "entry door" pointing to the
various resources that we have. I think a wiki section where we can
collect "user provided config examples and tipps and tricks" would also
be cool.

> - the domain name must be easily retrievable by his owner and if agreed;
> - check if the current hosting (if still offered) provides more
>   capacities/features;

I'd be offering a simple shared webhost, which is offered without
traffic limitations (but a fair use policy so I bet would
complain quickly if we started to relay the world's internet traffic
through them).

Access via FTP/SFTP or shell. I could also set up a wiki/joomla or
whatever people who would be doing some web work prefer....
> Because the mailing list is crucial for the project I won't propose to
> move to such a private hosting.


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