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Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at
Fri Jan 21 22:17:18 GMT 2011

On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 04:06:13PM -0500, Philippe LeCavalier wrote:

> I'm just wondering if it's worth having a discussion about hosting since
> it's been brought up here-and-there but never actually discussed in a
> serious manner.

So, thanks to introduce it again in a serious manner. :-)

> More specifically:
> i) There is significant speculation regarding the stability of the
> hosting.

May I ask which ones?

> ii) Considering the recent developments of this projects and the
> underlying fact that all serious projects should have there own domain;
> Can we revisit Sebastian's offer to grab and use
> I guess firstly, Sebastian, does the offer still stand?

If so, make more beneficial on it can't be a bad thing.

> Should the above answer be a Yes, I *think* I would be in a good
> position to host. I have a VPS server in Texas that I use for a few
> clients and myself and would be more than willing to donate some of the
> resources to this project. That being said, I'm stating this assuming my
> understanding of the load involved is accurate. In addition, a dev area
> could easily be dedicated to the seriously involved devs as long as we
> can outline some basic rules and respect them at all times. Of course,
> if there is another prospect, we should definitely evaluate accordingly.
> OR we can leave the list were it is and simply add the domain.
> Needs addressing
> 		a)website design(I suck at that)
> 		b)maintainers(I can dedicate admins/"resellers accounts" whatever is
> perceived as acceptable access)
> 		c)limitations/costs, ownership...etc.
> 		limits) If the throughput stays under a certain amount I don't care
> about *any* form of compensation. That said, I'm freakin poor. So if the
> throughput is in excess of what is included in my plan would need some
> form of compensation.

Then, we need to know what is the limit exactly, more precise than "a
certain amount" or "in my plan".

I see other limitations:

- the domain name must be easily retrievable by his owner and if agreed;
- check if the current hosting (if still offered) provides more

Because the mailing list is crucial for the project I won't propose to
move to such a private hosting.

The immediate compensation I think of is a credit to you, your society
or both. More than that would be hard, I guess.

> 		ownership)the project obviously cannot be in a position were I or
> anyone else can hijack it. So we should elaborate on that.


Nicolas Sebrecht

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