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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Tue Jan 25 15:59:52 GMT 2011

On Tue, 25 Jan 2011 09:31:59 -0500, Philippe LeCavalier <support at> wrote:
> I'm all for it.

Good then. All it takes is to use the projects gh-pages branch and
to create a file in its root called CNAME with the sole content:

I just did that as a test, in my fork of the offlineimap repository and
it works just fine. http://offlineimap now shows whatever is in the
my gh-pages branch. Cool.

I see that Nicolas updated the content to basically already provide all
the information that should be on that page. Now, all it takes is to
pretty it up a bit as a web page :-). Any takers?

I presume we should move to the gh-pages branch in Nicolas' repository,
although there is no hurry to do so. This being git, we can easily merge
anytime. Should we do the same model for the web as for offlineimap?
That is, sending patches to Nicolas, or should we have a more open policy towards
changes on the web site?

I am taking patches for content now. :)
My gh-pages branch is freshly forked from Nicolas' and is here:

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