only headers for selected folders?

Sandip P Deshmukh deshmukh.sandip at
Mon Jul 18 07:48:22 BST 2011


I currently use Thunderbird for my emails. I am planning to shift to 
mutt offlineimap combination.

One thing I am not able to implement is this:

I want to download selected folders (headers, message bodies, 
everything). I could implement this using folderfilter.

I do not want to download some others (nothing - no headers, no bodies). 
I could implement this also using folderfilter.

Now, there are some folders where I want to download ONLY headers. 
Subsequently, if I open a message in mutt, it should fetch the body, 
store it offline and show it to me.

I have not been able to implement this last bit.

Thanks for your help in advance.
Sandip P Deshmukh
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