maildir on windows share ?

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Fri Jul 8 11:52:03 BST 2011

> I guess you are the first one to actually use OfflineImap on Windows for
> quite some time, at least I have never heard of another one :-).

Heh :) Well, I tend to use whatever makes my life easier. But I actually
run OfflineImap in Solaris.

> > I found out (the hard way) that file names containing ':' are not
> > possible in windows filesystems.
> The thing is that OfflineImap operates on Maildirs, and the maildir
> specification requires ':', so sticking to the specs pedantically, it is
> simply not possible to have a Maildir on Windows. Outch.
> > I thought, would it be possible to replace ':' by ';' for example? Or
> > other character? Maybe ':' is defined in IMAP standard, or something?
> which is still the canonical Maildir
> spec requires ':'.

I thought it will be set somewhere.

> That having said, I don't see why we shouldn't be
> able to let the user change that character in case he willingly wants to
> deviate from the Maildir specs.
> > It looks sufficiently easy to change that in folder/ ...
> The changes would be limited to that file, yes. There is a regex and a
> couple of places where the ':' is used in order to parse or construct
> the filenames though, so this would require a bit of work. (still
> feasible though).
> I am not sure what Nicolas would say about such an optional configuration, but in
> case he finds it acceptable... Care to whip up a patch?

I'll probably do it anyway for myself. If there will be slightest chance
of being accepted, I'll gladly work on it.

Thank you

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