maildir on windows share ?

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Mon Jul 11 14:53:25 BST 2011


> > Hmmm, looking at the python documentation, I should be using
> Yeah, it can take any of 'false', 'no' or '0'. As I said, I had not even
> checked what the predominant use in our offlineimap.conf file is. I was
> just suggesting to use whatever we use the most.

I will rework my patch to accommodate that.

> Patch looking good to me. Does it work on Windows with this, or are
> there more workarounds required.

I have no idea. I do not run Offlineimap on windows :) It's just windows
share I am using (from Solaris).

> If not, we should make this an entry in the Changelog to let the world
> know that we now support the rest of the 95% of all computer users now
> as well :).

I can test that on Windows during tomorrow.

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