Problem syncing mail - crash

sebastian at sebastian at
Fri Jul 15 13:26:14 BST 2011

Hi, I am on the road the next 3 weeks and can't examine the log now. But
this is how it operates:

1) When we upload a new message we need to know the UID that the server
assigned to the messsage, for this:
2) The preferred solution is the UIDPLUS extension which tells us the UID
after uploading the mail. Most modern servers have it.
3) Otherwise, we append the fugly custom header, upload the message, and
search for it to get the messages UID. If that search doesn't yield any
result, then a) either the server is completely broken. (or b) we have
introduced a new bug). In any case, we can't proceed without getting the
newly uploaded UID.

Someone would have to analyze the IMAP logs and see what has been
happening there.


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