Problem syncing mail - crash

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Fri Jul 15 14:08:59 BST 2011

> Hi, I am on the road the next 3 weeks and can't examine the log now. But
> this is how it operates:

No worries :)

> 1) When we upload a new message we need to know the UID that the server
> assigned to the messsage, for this:
> 2) The preferred solution is the UIDPLUS extension which tells us the UID
> after uploading the mail. Most modern servers have it.
> 3) Otherwise, we append the fugly custom header, upload the message, and
> search for it to get the messages UID. If that search doesn't yield any
> result, then a) either the server is completely broken. (or b) we have
> introduced a new bug). In any case, we can't proceed without getting the
> newly uploaded UID.

I see that should get me started.

Thanks for making the time for me!

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