Speed of syncing several folders at the same time vs sequentially

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Wed Jul 20 22:35:58 BST 2011

> > In my experience, maxconnections 8 was much faster than 1. I didn't
> > measure it, but I would guess that it was 8x faster actually. But maybe
> > it depends on the IMAP server?
> I think it does depend on the server.
> Did 8 threads actually spawn 8 python processes, or are those 8 threads

I don't know, and can't test it at the moment. Sorry. But why should
that matter? The bottleneck will be IMAP server or network anyway ...

> (I'm on linux and using the latest RC release announced here a week past if
> that makes a difference)

Solaris, latest git head, next branch

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