Bugreport: maxage deleting old email from destination

Ivan Semin ivun at wirebyte.com
Fri Jul 29 13:50:32 BST 2011

> I can't speak for the developers here, but if you red the license, it
> contains this part:

Right, I'm not asking for a refund :)

> If we will find out the problem and correct it together, it will help
> others too. And one day they might help you the same way. Plus you'll
> learn new stuff. The risk is that we'll find out that we can't fix the
> problem for any reason.

I'm not a python developer (un?)fortunately, so I'm not contributing
myself, but I have filed several bugreports already, spent a lot of
time trying to make things work, so I can count myself as a part of
the team too. It's just became clear than having own mail server
(hardware+admin work) is cheaper than maintaining gmail+imap mirror.
The transition won't be fast though, so I can still test maxage until
then :)

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