Bugreport: maxage deleting old email from destination

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Fri Jul 29 14:54:15 BST 2011

> > I can't speak for the developers here, but if you red the license, it
> > contains this part:
> Right, I'm not asking for a refund :)

Nice one :)

> > If we will find out the problem and correct it together, it will help
> > others too. And one day they might help you the same way. Plus you'll
> > learn new stuff. The risk is that we'll find out that we can't fix the
> > problem for any reason.
> I'm not a python developer (un?)fortunately

I wasn't python developer until I had problems with offlineimap myself
:) Todays programming languages are extremely easy and all more or less
the same anyway ...

> so I'm not contributing myself, but I have filed several bugreports
> already, spent a lot of time trying to make things work, so I can
> count myself as a part of the team too.

That can surely be frustrating.

> It's just became clear than having own mail server (hardware+admin
> work) is cheaper than maintaining gmail+imap mirror.

I have done that many times too. Just throwing money at the problem is
often the cheapest solution.

> The transition won't be fast though, so I can still test maxage until
> then :)

Ok :) First of all I would suggest you to try latest offlineimap from

git clone https://github.com/nicolas33/offlineimap.git

For testing purposes it might be good to limit offlineimap to just some
small folder, where you can try maxage.

In your ~/.offlineimaprc:

[Repository gmail]
folderfilter = lambda foldername: re.search('^smallfolder', foldername)

Then, you can try running offlineimap with debug info:

rm -f off.log; ./offlineimap.py -d imap,maildor -l ~/off.log

Looking at offlineimap/folder/IMAP.py, i can see that the 'maxage'
parameter is used to construct IMAP search query, which contains word
'SINCE'. You should find such a line in your off.log. Does it look
right, is the SINCE date correct? What is the server response to that?

That would be first things I would try. Others may prove me telling you
nonsense :)


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