is there a simulate / readonly mode?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Jun 2 16:40:14 BST 2011

On Thu, 2 Jun 2011 10:28:53 +0200, Jonas Stein wrote:
> Similar to rsync -n
> -n, --dry-run               perform a trial run with no changes made

Right, but it's not trivial. offlineimap first syncs REMOTE to LOCAL in
3 passes and then LOCAL to REMOTE in 3 passes. If we don't actually
perform an action, we will get different results.

Imagine you are all synced up. Now you delete a message on REMOTE and
change its flags on LOCAL. Then you sync again (using --dry-run):

1) Usually, it would detect the remote deletion and delete the local copy,
with --dry-run we only simulate the action.

2) With --dry-run we will then notice that LOCAL has flags changed and
print out that we modify flags of that message, without dry-run the
message would already have been gone and not even considered anymore.
(actually, this is not true, as we only sync flags if the messages still
exists on the other side).

Just saying that there *could* be cases where --dry-run would produce
results that differ from the *real* behavior. Although it could well be
that it works just fine. Someone would just have to sit down and figure
it out.

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