Message duplication

Vincent Beffara vbeffara at
Wed Jun 22 14:20:16 BST 2011

>> Yes, it does sound a little convoluted ... shouldn't the message have
>> a number already assigned by the IMAP server in the first place ? Or
>> is there a risk of duplicated numbers ?

SS> Yes, the source IMAP server already has an UID assigned, then we
SS> upload it to the dest IMAP server who also returns another UID to
SS> us. The UID mapping does nothing but relate those two numbers so we
SS> know it is the same message.

All right, this I got. So it does seem that those negative numbers could
be gotten rid of - though it would be a significant change probably, esp
if that is shared with Maildir.

Anyway, trying to bisect the origin of the bug. Some versions
self-correct and end the self-duplication of messages (v6.3.3 is good),
some have the bad outcome on new messages. Not very easy to bisect
because recreating the error is a bit random. So far, the last known
good is

     e1e9c8e Use self.doautosave rather than self.dofsync

and the first known bad is

     f408198 Prettify and use new uidexists() helper function

There are 3 more in between, but the middle one, wich is

     0af9ef7 (HEAD) Factor out SQL retries

crashes on me with the following error message on every mailbox:

WARNING: ERROR in syncfolder for allimap folder vincent: Traceback
(most recent call last):
  File "/Users/vincent/Prog/offlineimap/offlineimap/",
  line 332, in syncfolder
  line 56, in getfolder
    return self.LocalStatusFolderClass(, foldername,
AttributeError: LocalStatusRepository instance has no attribute

Just to see if this inspires you as to the origin of the bug ...


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