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Vincent Beffara vbeffara at
Fri Jun 24 00:42:25 BST 2011


Just a follow-up on this :

VB> Anyway, trying to bisect the origin of the bug. Some versions
VB> self-correct and end the self-duplication of messages (v6.3.3 is
VB> good), some have the bad outcome on new messages. Not very easy to
VB> bisect because recreating the error is a bit random. So far, the
VB> last known good is

... finally the bisect finished. So the last good commit is

    0318c6a Create LocalStatus or LocalStatusSQLite folders

and the first bad commit is

    f408198 Prettify and use new uidexists() helper function

But the thing is, the only diff in between is to replace "uid in
self.messagelist" with "self.uidexists(uid)" and tracing through the
code indicates that those should be exactly synonymous. So it seems
impossible that the behavior would be different between the two
versions - but it definitely is. That feels very weird. Not sure what
more to do here ... I am staying with version 0318c6a for now.



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