offlineimap failing to read my configured password

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Mar 17 07:51:18 GMT 2011

On Wed, 16 Mar 2011 18:35:10 -0400, "Michael P. Soulier" wrote:
> Hi,
> While I love offlineimap, I find that occasionally, even though I have remote
> and local passwords configured, it will hang prompting for a password.
> I'm using 6.0.0 in Debian Lenny. Is this a known issue?

Hi there, 6.0.0 entered Debian in May 2008 and the developers have
mostly changed since then. 

Are you using kerberos auth, ssl or plain IMAP connections? It will ask
for passwords if authentication fails, as far as I know, so it could
even be a problem on the server side.

That having said, try the latest pre-release and see if the problems
still occur...

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