offlineimap failing to read my configured password

Michael P. Soulier msoulier at
Tue Mar 22 13:34:30 GMT 2011

On 17/03/11 Sebastian Spaeth said:

> Hi there, 6.0.0 entered Debian in May 2008 and the developers have
> mostly changed since then. 
> Are you using kerberos auth, ssl or plain IMAP connections? It will ask
> for passwords if authentication fails, as far as I know, so it could
> even be a problem on the server side.
> That having said, try the latest pre-release and see if the problems
> still occur...

I stuck with the current version but changed my config to

ui = Noninteractive.Basic

Now that it's noninteractive it's stopped being silly and asking me. :)

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